Disabled Owned Business Directory

Living with a disability or chronic illness can be difficult, and can be even more difficult when you’re a small business owner too. So I wanted to create a directory to showcase as many small businesses owned by people with chronic illnesses and/or disabilities so you can give them support and find products or services you love! You can find all sorts in this list from Clothing, Jewellery & Accessories to Stylish Mobility Aids to Gifts, Artwork & Services. If you are a disabled/chronically ill small business owner and would like to be added to the directory please get in touch. I will keep this directory as updated as I can however some of these shops may not always be available due to fluctuating health needs. Happy shopping & let me know about your favourite new discovery in the comments!


Chronically Jenni : A little bit of shameless self promotion to start with as I launched my own range of merch this year where you can find Spoonie & Disability related designs with some super cute hedgehog designs in there too. My Spoons & Love collection and Monarch of Pain collection are definitely my favourites!

Zoe Arnold is a disability rights activist & blogger from Norfolk, UK. They are also an incredibly talented dress maker and are currently open for commissions for fairycore, cottagecore, princesscore and Lirika Matoshi style garments. All of their clothes are handmade in small batches with zero waste and are made to measure. They also sell handmade jewellery & accessories.

Unstigma Shop is an inclusive clothing & accessories brand for Spoonies designed by a spoonie with Lupus. They have global shipping and ship from the EU, UK & USA and select styles go up to 5XL. I adore their sweatshirts, they’re super comfy with great original designs.

I’m Fine Attire sells the worlds first heat pack pocket clothing, including jeans, leggings and pjs, so you can have hands free and comfrotable warming to ease tummy pain. They also have a great range slogan tees & jumpers. You can use code: ChronicallyJenni for 10% off.

Funky Monkey By Martha shares her love of beautiful fabrics through various handmade crafts including fabric face masks.

ItsAliceElla is a jack of all trades but uses her illustration skills to create cute and cheeky designs based around Chronic Fatigue.

The Dodgy Insides Club has a HUGE range of clothes and accessories which ‘Empower you to rock your quirky body’. They also make Tubie Clips.

Grace & Brace is a clothing shop made to encourage those living with chronic illness to go through it with grace, faith and sarcasm. Based in California, USA.

Spoonie Sister Shop is a clothing, gifts and accessories business based in Texas, USA designed for spoonies by a spoonie.

The Chronic Iconic create great slogan tees, totes, jumpers and badges around loads of important themes.

The Frey Life have lots of inspirational designs based on joy, hope and adventures. As well as apparel & accessories they also sell small water colour paintings. 10% of their profits go to the cystic fibrosis foundation.

Sincerely Claires: Claire sells chronic illness, body positive and mental health hoodies and sweatshirts as well as some cute wall art and lightroom presets perfect for instagram.

Beautifully Buxom is a small independent UK brand specialising in lingerie, loungewear and clothes for ample Bosoms. Rosie is the brains and boobs behind the brand and really is a one woman band so would love your support.

Deaf Identity was founded in 2019 and through their clothing and accessories want to show that deafness has a wide spectrum whether it be through sign language (BSL, SSE, ISL), communicating orally, or being known as CODA (Children of Deaf Adults). They want to show there is no right or wrong way of being deaf.

AwarenessbyMissy is an Etsy shop selling cute and unique shirts relating to disability pride and awareness

Jewellery, Hair, Makeup & Selfcare Accessories

By Caprice-Kwai sells range of handmade statement jewellery that promotes self-confidence and empowerment for everyone – despite age, race, ability or gender! Based in the UK.

Sew Last Summer is a handmade, zero waste hair & pet accessories business which makes beautiful and useful accessories from rescued textiles.

Morse Coded Shop creates elegant sterling silver morse code jewellery so you always have beautiful

Jess Adams Design makes an incredible range of handmade statement jewellery, accessories, stationery & homeware

Marmalade Mountains was founded in Norfolk, UK by Ruby who makes small batch handcrafted earrings in a variety of styles from elegant opulence to intricate flowers and woven designs to marbled polymer clay designs which look like gemstones.

Abigail’s Bead Company is a Jewellery designer and maker from London, UK. Creating on-trend handcrafted, semi-precious gem stone & sterling silver jewellery. They also take commissions so you can create the perfect piece for you!

Voldycat Makes Things: Amy describes herself as ‘ just your average queer spoonie making jewellery’ but she’s definitely more than average with super colourful and fun resin and bead designs.

ChronicCreationsGB is a chronic illness awareness gift shop making simple custom awareness bracelets and keyrings for various conditions with a portion of the profits going to EDS UK.

Gen Z Alternative is run by Hannah who designs jewellery and accessories from bed. Based in the USA.

Astral Aromance Crafts is a small business from The Netherlands making affordable jewellery based on fantasy characters and/or for various alternative fashion-styles.

Dainty Rose By Alice – Alice says ‘I started making jewellery when I developed ME/CFS about 18 months ago, I focus on delicate, boho gemstone jewellery. I’d say it’s still very much a hobby but I absolutely making pieces for my customers and am so excited to keep growing’

Roxie Sweetheart is a queer, disabled, magical girl based in Brighton, UK, who loves fashion and everything about self expression through creativity. She loves to make jewellery and accessories that bring nostalgia, sparkle, colour and whimsy. inspired by Tokyo Street Fashion & Japanese Art and Manga, Vintage kitsch illustration and toys she decided to make Roxie Sweetheart both my persona and my small businesses over 10 years ago and have never looked back!

Created by Carol makes solid silver jewellery in Yorkshire. She has a number of ranges including upcycled antique cutlery, size adjustable rings for people with arthritis or finger swelling, and fidget jewellery for neurodivergent people.

Emily Lakin Art based in Stoke-On-Trent makes quirky clay jewellery plus artwork, stickers & more. She started playing with clay to improve dexterity from the stiffness/pain. Her favourite product is her “Babe With A Mobility Aid” sticker which people love!

Equal=Ibrium is an award winning independent skincare brand based in South Wales. We are sustainable, responsible and committed to making positive change. Every single Equal=Ibrium product is vegan, cruelty free and suitable for sensitive skin. 


Kibo And Friends is a manga & chibi style artist offering a wide range super cute portrait based commissions.

Rana is a Black Disabled Artist From New York who is open for commisions for digital portraits which make great gifts and you can also get her designs on apparel, stickers and more. She is also teaches a zoom art class.

TVS designs creates prints & cards in Rotterdam, The Netherlands many of which you can purchase to print yourself at home. They bring a huge supply of sarcasm & adult humour to their designs.

Spoonie Village was founded by Spoonie Couple Hayley & Tom who have so much more to offer than just a shop as their blog, podcast, spoonie creatives page and other resources are built to help the spoonie community. Their shop includes a huge range of fab spoonie designs on stickers, apparel, cards and more.

DandyDoodlez is a queer, disabled artist, musician and advocate they create wonderful artwork around important themes as well as popular culture and also take commissions for digital portraits.

Christina Doherty is an artist and chronic crafter based in the Boston area of the USA. You can find load of her designs on her Spring store and she also makes a wide range of hand crafted gifts on her Etsy dependent on her health.

The Brave Bodies: Sharna is an illustrator and chronic health advocate spreaidng awareness through her designs. I love her super cute pastel style. She currently sells stickers and custom digital illustrations and is based in Sydney, Australia.

Printicole : Nicole is someone who is always full of colour and creates Bright Inspirational Affirmation Quote A4 Wall Prints to brighten up any room!

French Painstry Chef: Pauline is a disabled Climate activist and has been painting pain (au chocolat) since 1989. She has loads of amazing prints and cards available with both foodie and spoonie themes.

Happyplanthu – Redbubble artist based in the UK who also takes commissions via @art.by.a.pea on Instagram

Ellie M Porter Photos – Ellie is based in the UK and sells pink aesthetic travel photos as prints and postcards.

A Unique Life is a small business run by a disabled queer woman in the UK. They raise awareness of marginalised groups in many different forms. They run projects on our social media, have a Medium Publication to vocalise voices and sell handmade products.

Stickers, Badges, Keyrings etc

Doodle People: Alyce is a one person badge and patch menace making everything in house. I love their ‘Hello I have/am’ badge range. They are also a talented illustrator who offers prints of their work.

CPIKOART is based in California and produces a huge range of disability and LGBTQIA+ badges, stickers and apparel so you can show your Queer and/or Disabled Pride

Innabox Design: Nikky is an Endo Warrior raising awareness for a huge variety of conditions through art selling a variety of stickers, pins and more. They create super cute characters for lots of conditions, symptoms and phrases. I especially love their ‘You’ve Goat This’ design.

Colourblind Zebra raises awareness with rainbows and sparkles selling a wide variety of joyful chronic illness and disability goodies including stickers, badges and pins. They also have a small range of clothing & accessories on offer. I especially love the rainbow zebra beanie hat!

Chronically Divine is a spoonie artist raising awareness with beautiful things. Based in London, UK, she sells a great range of cute pin badges for various conditions. the So Tachy badge and Spoonie-corn badge are my favourites.

Candles, Wax Melts & Soaps

The Scottish Wax Melts Company is a small family business, producing highly fragranced wax melts, handmade & poured in Scotland. 100% Vegan.

Cosmo Scents is a UK based handmade soy wax melts business with melt in loads of cute shapes and bright colours.

Fizzilicious Scents makes bath bombs, bath salts, shower fizzers and handmade soy wax melts & candles because they believe self care should be important.

Gifts, Crafts & Care Packages

Cards of Hope – Lauren makes personalised, handmade cards for all occasions, based in Northampton, UK.

Memory Lane By Megan is a small business based in the North East of England creating a wide variety of unique care packages including Chronic Pain, PCOS, Anxiety and Endometriosis packages.

A Spoonful of Solace stirs up some joy with their resin, gifts, prints and keepsakes inspired by nature, spirituality & wellbeing. They are reopening soon so I recommend giving them a follow on instagram to keep up to date. Last year they turned by Hedgehog Honey’s baby quills into a beautiful necklace and keyring.

Chr0nically Cute Shop is a boutique selling cute crafts for all bodies. It’s run by sister duo Rach & Ru selling inclusive handmade from stickers to bookmarks to embroidery.

Handmade By Jade is the perfect place to order bespoke and personalised frames for all occasions. I absolutely love her family tree frames, Jade definitely has a beautiful eye for design and detail.

Conscious Crafties describe themselves as a disabled LGBTQ+ feminist in my mid-twenties who suffers from M.E. which causes them to spend most of the time housebound. They absolutely adore arts and crafts, so spend time getting creative. They sell earrings, crochet and some paintings.

Amy Paints Bits – Amy hand paints wooden peg people, wooden decor, rainbows, baubles etc. Her creations make perfect gifts!

Mobility Aids & Healthcare Accessories

Grace and Able makes compression gloves and wrist braces designed by hand therapists and tested by arthritis patients. Based in the USA.

Neowalks is a handmade acrylic walking stick company based in York, UK. I’m obsessed with their walking sticks and have 10 in my collection! They come in a huge variety of colours and some include bubbles, glitter and light up elements. You can also make them your own with different grips, ferrules and wrist straps! Their aim is to ‘break down the stigma of disability by creating stylish sticks to help you rediscover your best self’, and they definitely achieve that! You can use code Jenni10 for 10% off order over £60 (affiliate code)!!

Ring Splints by Zomile is a fellow zebra living with aEDS and based in the UK. Ring splints are an effective way to mange finger joint pain for a large variety of conditions. Zomile makes splints in silver and gold recognizing not only the importance of functionality but also the need for attractive splints and adds gemstones, textures and embellishments to her designs. Her splints can also be available through the NHS, access to work and various charities, contact to find out more.

Not Your Grandmas: Hannah offers jewellery, accessories and stationary to spread disabled pride and help manage chronic illness but my favourite thing on she sells is her amazingly fun compression socks. Hannah said no to boring black & beige and instead sells colourful compression socks with super fun designs from cats to dinosaurs, flowers to space themes. I love mine! She also runs courses so businesses can become more accessible and is also the co-founder of Sofa Central, an online membership club for chronically ill people which offers group therapy, physio, talks from professionals and more.

Stickman Communications is run by Hannah Ensor and she uses her talent for drawing stickmen to create a whole range of tools to help you communicate information about your illness and your needs quickly and effectively with minimum energy with flash cards you can keep in your handbag as well as badges and wristbands.

Izzy’s Wheels make beautiful wheel covers for manual wheelchairs with so many incredible designs to choose from there’s something for everyone. They Have a huge range of Disney and Star Wars designs too!

Cool Crutches was created by mother and daughter duo Clare & Amelia after Amelia suffered a spinal injury. They offer a high quality, safe alternative to NHS issue walking aids. They are lightweight, moulded to a left and right hand, solid (CE certified), non slip, silent & robust enough to support a long-term injury or condition. They have a wide range of colours, patterns and prints, plus the option to design your own. You can use code: ChronicallyJenni10 for 10% off this December.


Inkfire Design is a design & virtual assistant agency run by Disabled creative sin the UK specialising in freeing up your time and progressing your business.

Planning Across the Spectrum is an autistic owned financial firm in Connecticut that helps autistics individuals and their families with their finances. We have individualized advising and ongoing supports to support them whatever their needs are. We also help companies with our benefits consulting and how they can be inclusive.

Driving with Autism is an autistic owned online driver readiness program that helps autistics interested in driving to be able to pursue and get their license. We have a in depth seven-part live webinar series that goes over the driving journey and concepts, most driving schools do not cover like sensory needs, parent’s involvement, and finances. After they complete the series, we sit with them to go over local resources to help them find the right driving school and other resources.

Auzho Adaptive Yoga – Audrey is an Adaptive yoga and meditation teacher. As a disabled and neurodivergent person, their philosophy is that the practice will adapt to the person, not the other way around. Based in France but can work with people online anywhere in the world. Gift cards are also avaliable.

Food & Drink

Gluten Free Goodies By Chloe: Chloe has an L30 home based gluten free kitchen and is Food hygiene level 2 and allergy awareness certified. She makes a variety of amazing cakes and bakes to more than satisfy your sweet tooth! Local delivery is available in the Liverpool area and she also has postal options.

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