Chronic Illness Hacks

I’m so happy to be bringing you my Chronic Illness Hacks which I have created over the years to help others who are living with conditions which cause chronic pain and fatigue and joint hypermobility. I hope this can be the manual that you weren’t given when you started experiencing symptoms. To see all these items in action please head to my instagram or tiktok for my #hacksforspoonies series. This post contains affiliate links which I earn a small commission from; you won’t have to pay any extra but you will be helping to support my content.

I made everything in my EDS survival kit into a Youtube Video to give you a little more insight into some of the products click here to watch! You can also find my POTS survival kit video here.

Here are my blog posts related to survival kits:

EDS Survival Kit Part one

POTS Survival Kit

If you are in the UK please head to my amazon influencer store to find up to date links on for all of the products listed in my chronic illness survival kits blog post and videos.

Other links which may not be on amazon:

Kally Sleep Body Pillow – Use Code CJ15 to get 15% off

Ring Splints

Compression Socks – Not Your Grandmas

Hip Support & Shoulder Support

Active Posture Shirt

Audible Free Trial UK

Yuyu bottle


Embr Wave

Join Vitassium club

Ethica CBD oil Night Blend

Pro Cook automatic tin opener

Neowalk Sticks – Neowalk Discount Code Jenni10 for 10% off

If you are from the USA, Canada or Australia please head to the links below, if there’s something you’ve seen in my content but need help finding please let me know I’d love to help:

POTS survival kit:


SaltStick Fastchews

Ice Roller

Compression socks

Wearable fan

gin gins

Koldtec headache halo

yuyu bottle




Blood Pressure Monitor

Recumbent Exercise Bike


Supports & Mobility aids:

Rollz Motion Walker

Knee Supports

KT Tape

Laundry Hacks:


Laundry baskets on wheels

Bathroom hacks:

Hair Dryer Stand

Shower Stool

Long handled loofah

Kicthen Hacks:

L shaped knife

Boiling Basket

Electric tin opener

Jar opener

Multi Opener Tool

Saddle Stool on Wheels

Sleep Hacks:

Knee cushion

bamboo pillow

amazon echo with lights

Audible Free Trial

Hand Hacks

Push Thmb Brace

compression gloves

gloves with grip

Ring Splints

Zip & Button Assistance Tool

Book Holder Tool

Flare up Hacks

Salonpas patches


CBD Patches

Vitassium Fastchews

Work Frome Home Hacks

Adjustable laptop desk for bed/sofa

Big supportive comfy cushion

Dragon dictation software

Wobble cushion

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