Do you live with POTS but struggle to get enough salt in your diet? I adore salty snacks & adding lots of salt to my food but I know many people who can think of nothing worse. If, like me, you have POTS or other conditions which cause low blood pressure it’s likely medical professionals have spoken to you about getting more salt and increasing your water intake. Of course these levels differ from person to person but 3-10g of salt a day is usually recommended along with around 3 litres of water. This has been found to increase blood volume & therefore lowers heart rate & increases blood pressure which helps to create a better equilibrium in POTS patients and reduce symptoms such as dizziness. But getting enough salt can be difficult so this is where Vitassium comes in.

a midshot of Jenni a white woman with straight auburn hair is wearing a light blue dress with a small daisy pattern she is holding a bottle of vitassium a clear bottle with a dark blue top and pale blue label. she is using a blue walking stick and standing in a garden surrounded by plants.

Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional and speak about chronic illness from my own personal experiences and share what has helped me but it may or may not be suitable for you. Please always consult a doctor before adding salt to your diet as it is not suitable for everyone including those with high blood pressure or kidney problems. Vitassium is designed to be used under medical supervision. I work with Vitassium as a brand partner and this post is part of a paid partnership. I only ever agree to do ads for products I use regularly and love.

There are so many reasons I love using Vitassium’s Buffered Electrolyte Salt Capsules to help increase my salt intake:

  1. Vitassium has been specifically formulated for the clinical dietary management of POTS and other conditions such as vasovagal syncope, other forms of dysautonomia and cystic fibrosis, when increased plasma volume has been shown to be beneficial. That means it’s packed with sodium unlike other supplements on the market. A two capsule serving contain 0.5g of sodium which is 0.2g more than a pack of ready salted crisps. And you can take up to 4 dosages a day so it’s a really quick and easy way to add 2g of salt to your diet. It also only has 4 ingredients so it’s free from preservatives, sugar, allergens & fillers. I take 2 capsules of a morning to help give me that boost to make getting out of bed easier and then take more throughout the day if it’s hot or I’m required to be on my feet for long periods of time.
  2. It’s completely tasteless so if you don’t like the taste of salt it’s a great option! It’s also easy on the tummy and despite the tablets looking quite large I find them really easy to swallow despite the fact I really struggle with swallowing tablets. If you can’t swallow tablets their sister brand SaltStick (designed for athletes) has a chewable option avaliable in their fastchews which come in great flavours (Peach is my favourite!). These only contain 0.1g of sodium but do also contain other electrolytes but the great news is Vitassium will be launching their own version soon with more sodium specifically for people with POTS & simialr conditions.
  3. The packaging is really well designed as the top pops open so it’s much easier on my painful hypermobile fingers and they can be tipped out of the bottle really easily. They also come in reseal pouches which are great for taking on the go.
  4. You can join Vitassium Club if you’re in the UK, USA, Canada, Australia or Europe. It’s free to join and gives you loads of great perks such as up to 20% off, Free delivery (on certain amount spent which is different depending on your country) and priority access to new products, special offers and new medical literature. It’s really easy to join by clicking here and filling out the super simple form and it’s totally free!

Please visit the Vitassium website for more information and for more of my favourite products which help me manage my POTS better check out my POTS Survival Kit Video.

  • a bottle of vitassium surrounded by white capsules on a royal blue towel. the bottle is clear with a dark blue lid and pale blue label.

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