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Back in January 2016 I started my sugar free journey with my mum and boyfriend in a bit of a new years resolution to lose a few pounds. Little did I know then that it would become a lifestyle. We had found a new love of cooking fresh food without the rubbish you find in jars. For Mother’s Day I bought her Two cookbooks; Davina Mccall’s 5 weeks to sugar free and Deliciously Ella Every Day. In reading the first page my mum discovered that author Ella Mills had POTS, which I had literally just been diagnosed with, and she had used food to help with some of her symptoms so I pretty much took on her way of life. I had already been a Vegetarian since 2008 so didn’t have to cut meat and fish like she did. I had already cut out refined sugar, alcohol and caffiene, which meant I wasn’t making my tachycardia worse, I then cut out gluten which helped tremedously with some of my tummy trouble and slowly said goodbye to most dairy products. From my new found love of nourishing food which was unprocessed and free from most allergens I began my own journey of finding new things to eat and enjoy and creating and perfecting my own recipes. At first people are sceptical when they hear vegan and sugar free especially when it comes to cake but everyone who has tried my creations has enjoyed them (Or just been very polite) I brought some cakes up when I visited my friends a uni and they didn’t even realise they weren’t eating normal cake. So give them a try, enjoy and let me know what you think 🙂


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I love making up my own recipes and/or making meals up as I go along but I also love learning recipes from various bloggers and writers. However, especially when making a recipe from a book I get frustrated when, after putting in a lot of effort, things don’t go quite right, especially when it comes to the time it is meant to take, the ingredients it needs or the amount of servings you get. So I wanted to start reviewing other people’s recipes so you can read a real life experience and see the real life image and decide if the recipe you think looks good is really for you. I’ll also give you some interesting little tips, tricks and information such as cost per serving, additions and alternatives to make recipe’s work for you.

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