What is Ehlers Danlos Syndrome?

Today has been a bit of a stressful one. I’ve had to call lots of different medical people and am waiting to here back from my GP. I’ve had to sort authorisation for a follow up with my Neurologist, my referral for an ultrasound after a funny blood reading about my liver having disappeared somewhere between my GP & the hospital and trying to get some money back as I realised I’ve been paying two prescription pre-payment certificates for the last 6 months! Hopefully it’ll all be resolved but it’s been exhausting. I hate making phone calls as it makes me quite anxious, especially when it comes to my health. But I did it and I’m actually quite proud of myself.

Having EDS makes me exhausted enough as it is without all this going on too. I made a little video last week explaining a little more about what EDS is and how it effects me on a daily basis. Would love it if you could subscribe to my youtube channel.

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