Recipe Review: Chocolate Peanut Butter Bourbons

I’ve had a pretty  bad day. I’ve been left stuck on the sofa paying for my long weekend visiting my uni friends in Norwich and I needed to make a yummy but super quick treat to get me away from watching It’s Me Or The Dog on repeat ( I love that show!) I’d got this recipe through on Livia’s Kitchen’s mailing list at the weekend and with her blog suggesting it took 29mins to make I thought it was perfect!

Olivia Wollenberg, the mastermind behind Livia’s kitchen, has recently published a book full of purely sweet treats which are all Dairy,Gluten and refined sugar free as she was diagnosed with severe food intolerances. She also has an amazing line of healthy, raw 13467346_10153902501294900_1700463694_omillionaire shortbreads which are an amazing treat stocked in Selfridges and other places. I found her after she was a guest Deliciously Ella’s blog and I’m very glad I did as her blog is phenomenal and, although she does do savoury recipes, she is my go to when I want something sweet but nourishing and free of refined sugar.

Before I quit sugar I did like a good biscuit. I’ve never had a massive sweet tooth but when I was a kid I could easily get through a pack of tesco everyday Bourbons despite the fact my dad’s biscuit tin ‘The Cookie Cop’ would shout at me every time I went back for more so these were something I definitely had to try.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Bourbons13446345_10153902485569900_1021022367_o

Time to make: 31 mins (without cooling time then 5 mins putting together)

Servings Made: 8 double biscuits (well 7 & a half one broke and I couldn’t wait to eat them :P)

Total Cost: £4.51, 56p per biscuit

Accessibility to ingredients:

All these ingredients are staples for me and I often buy them in bulk from Amazon to cut costs. The only ingredient which I’ve never seen in the shops, one which Livia’s Kitchen use a lot, is Oat Flour. But I just used Buckwheat instead.

Already being Sugar free, gluten free and vegan there’s not too much adapting you need to do. I swapped the flour just because it was what I had in the house and you could do that very easily.

The only big a13461288_10153902485679900_36750303_o (1)llergen left is nuts and I have worked out a solution. For the nuts in the actual biscuits you can just cut them maybe add a little more flour instead (30-40g). For the filling I have created an icing which I will post the recipe for later in the week which would work very well and contains no nuts!

For the sauce I used Meridian’s peanut butter, which although is a great peanut butter was way too runny for this recipe. If I was doing it again I would used Pic’s (as suggested by Livia) or whole earth.

The Recipe:

The recipe was amazing and easy to follow. She suggested it would take 29mins and including getting all the ingredients and weighing them out it took me 31mins! I left them to cool whilst I did my 9min physio bike exercise then put the biscuits together in about 5 mins. So all in all in took 45mins which was amazing. The re

13446110_10153902485804900_2046203137_o (1)
Notice my awesomely comfy onesie
cipe was well structured and all the ingredients had obviously been tried and tested.

The only tip I would give was that I decided to transfer them to a cooling rack to cool which was a bad idea as a lot of them broke as I moved them across. I would wait for them to cool as they are still on the baking tray as once they’d cooled and hardened they were perfect 🙂

The filling was super easy to make but it was very thin and runny so went everywhere and the biscuits taste great without it. I will definitely have to try it again with a thicker peanut butter. It also made way too much filling because you couldn’t fill it generously because of how runny it is so there was a lot left over. I would use half the recipe.

The Taste:

If you like chocolate, nutty biscuits this is definitely one for you to try for yourself as they taste amazing. So chocolatey and crunchy and tasty and I could easily polish them all off. They got the mum seal of approval too.


Although they are a little messy and maybe a little pricey they are super quick, easy and yummy. So worth it!

Find the recipe here:

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